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Champagne Chambre Interior Design NYC



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This client had just moved into a new apartment and wanted to replace all of her existing furniture and finally create a space that was truly her own.

Functionally, we needed to fit a bed & bedside tables, a desk/dressing table, a sofa, a coffee table, a dresser/tv credenza, a dining set for two, and an entry console, all while feeling relaxed, cozy, and like a little patch of beach in the city…all in a petite 275 sf.

Champagne Chambre Dining Area Interior Design NYC
Champagne Chambre Entry Interior Design NYC


We begin every project with a set of principles that come from our client's own words:

  1. Cozy, comfy, & cohesive

  2. Effortlessly elegant

  3. Soft, sumptuous, subtle, and serene

  4. Born from the beach…

  5. …Created for the city

The key moves here are: adding a custom cornice with full length drapery to delineate the bedroom, using a rug to define the living area, maintaining a tight palette of rich neutrals complemented by gold, rose, and ocean blue accents to maintain cohesion, and of course adding lots of storage.

Champagne Chambre Desk & Dressing Table Interior Design NYC
Champagne Chambre Living Room Interior Design NYC
Champagne Chambre Bedroom Interior Design NYC

photography by JWN Enterprises & AD:ROIT

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