frequently asked questions

Below please find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions:

Who do you work with?
(do you help people like me?)

ad:roit works primarily on residential and non-profit projects with both owners and renters. We can tackle an entire house, work on just one room, or anywhere in between.  Based in New York City we are experts in creating clever and unconventional solutions for small spaces and navigating NYC's specific building code requirements and co-op board regulations.

How can you help me?

ad:roit delivers comprehensive design solutions customized for your space, style, needs, and budget. We get to you know to learn what you really want out of your space, present it (and then some) for your review, tweak it as needed and then facilitate its installation. Please take a look at our services for more detailed information on the specific solutions we offer.

How is ad:roit different from other firms?

The majority of small design firms offer either interior design or general architectural services; ad:roit is different.  We focus on building interiors and work on everything from optimizing furniture layouts and storage to updating lighting and wall finishes to changing the walls, kitchens and bathrooms. For us there is no distinction between interior design and interior architecture; there is only the desire to craft wonderful spaces for our clients using every tool and resource at our disposal.  So whether you are looking to make the most of that cozy rental apartment (no permanent interventions allowed), update a weekend getaway, or completely renovate a new office, ad:roit has you covered.

What is the difference between an architect and an interior designer?
(and which do I need?)

An architect can legally file drawings and permits with required city and state agencies for anything requiring a contractor to execute work. Typically, an architect's scope encompasses everything fixed in a space; for example a hardwood floor would be in the architect's scope, but not the area rug on top of it. An interior designer's scope is everything else.  Furniture, finishes, equipment, artwork, decorative accessories; all the elements that are flexible in a space.

If you are ever unsure if an element is in the architect's or interior designer's scope, think about turning the space upside down.  If the element falls out, it belongs to the interior designer.  If it stays put, it belongs to the architect.

ad:roit is excited to provide both architectural and interior design services for your project. Our goal is to make the working process as fun and stress free as possible. We strongly believe in educating our clients and strive to include them as much as possible in the process.

How does working with ad:roit actually work?

A project with ad:roit always begins with a complimentary consultation. In that consultation we will review which package best meets your projects needs and lay out a roadmap for success.

Can I shop on my own?

You have hired ad:roit to design and complete a vision for your space and we ask that you do not select or purchase items on your own because that selection may not be a fit for the design, space, or budget.

What additional costs can I expect?

We do our best to give you a full cost outlook of each item, but additional costs such as storage, shipping, installation, or unexpected labor do occasionally happen.

Do you work with contractors?

Yes! ad:roit works with the contractors you hire. We love working with other design professionals to create your custom space; ad:roit does not provide contractor services so independent contractors are an integral part of the process.

What if I decide mid-project I want to add more to the scope?

Fabulous!  We will create a proposal for the additional scope, and upon approval we will get to work!

What if I have concerns about an item?

Please bring these to our attention immediately! We will discuss your concerns and if necessary, find a more desirable solution.  The decision about what is purchased and installed in your project is ultimately yours.

What about budget?

We can work within your budget, whether you are looking for a completely custom masterpiece, an Ikea special or anywhere in between. Having a budget is critical for the project to run smoothly and for your expectations to be met.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact us!