our process

All projects, regardless of size and complexity, follow the same basic process from kickoff to completion:

preliminary design

We begin with a brief, online client survey to get a general idea of the project in advance of an in person consultation at the project location.  The consultation gives us a chance to see your space, learn your goals and discuss general strategies/design solutions to achieve them. Once we understand your scope, ad:roit will put together a proposal for your review. After finalizing the level of service, ad:roit will draft a project specific service agreement, which, once signed, will start Schematic Design.

schematic design

Upon return of the signed service agreement, we will meet at the project site for the first official Project Meeting. Whether the project is architecture or interior design, this meeting will cover the same five items:


  1. Project Clarification - a discussion of the exact parameters of the project in greater detail than in the initial consultation.

  2. Design Visualization - an exercise to figure out what you really want for your space.

  3. Project Schedule - a discussion about the time required to meet the appropriate deliverables, reviews, construction, installation etc..

  4. Project Budget - a discussion of the estimated cost of the project including design fees, purchases, construction/installation, etc..

  5. Survey - a comprehensive survey of the existing space to be used as a base for all documentation.

Schematic Design.png

After the meeting, ad:roit will produce a schematic proposal for each space in the project including one (1) - two (2) ideal furniture layouts.  All furniture will be identified with one (1) purchasable example that meets the client’s design aesthetic and budget to verify the proposed design can be delivered.


The proposed furniture is not a final recommendation; it is a place to start discussion. We will also provide a general budget for miscellaneous items to help you budget for the entire project.  We’ll meet to review the proposal with you, and discuss any questions or concerns, refining as necessary until you are satisfied.

design development

After schematic design is approved, the process takes slightly different turns between interior design and architecture projects, as applicable to each client’s service agreement.

Design Development.png

For an interior design project, the schematic design proposal is expanded to include multiple options for each item being purchased. Furniture, lighting, flooring, textiles and decorative accessories are all considered. As in the previous phase, once the design proposal is completed, we will meet to review it, and together, we will finalize selection and procurement of each item.

For an architecture project, the schematic design proposal is expanded to include ceiling plans, elevations and renderings.  Every visible surface is documented for the client's review. Primary building materials, like countertops, tile, flooring, and cabinetry are selected, in addition to the same set of furnishings found in the interior design package, if applicable. Running parallel to this work, we begin to develop documents for permits, bidding and construction.

Design Development architecture.png
construction documents
Design Development architecture.png

This phase is only for architecture projects and focuses on the documents that will be used for construction and, if necessary, permits required by the city or state. All facets of the construction are detailed, and materials (i.e. light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, etc.) specified.


For interior design projects, ad:roit will assist with coordinating deliveries, managing tradespeople for work like painting, tiling or furniture assembly, and overall installation of all the items in your new space.


For architecture projects, ad:roit will act as your representative with the contractor(s), ensuring they comply with the construction documents. Depending on the project scope, we will have regular site meetings with the contractor(s) to monitor progress, answer questions, and review the work.


The duration and level of detail for each of these phases will vary with the specific needs of each project. We will discuss your project's path during Preliminary Design and it will be reflected in your proposal, so you know exactly what to expect before engaging our services.