frequently asked questions

Who do you work with?(can you help me?)

ad:roit works on residential and commercial projects with both owners and renters. We can tackle an entire house, one room, or anywhere in between.  Based in New York City, we are experts in creating clever and unconventional solutions for small spaces and navigating NYC's specific building code requirements and co-op board regulations. Madelaine also has extensive commercial experience from individual office suites to multi-floor gut renovations.

How can you help me?

ad:roit delivers comprehensive design solutions customized for your space, style, needs, and budget. Our motto is "everything from studs to silverware", so whether you are looking to make the most of that cozy rental apartment (no permanent interventions allowed), completely renovate a new home, or something in between, ad:roit has you covered. Please visit our services page for more information on the specific solutions we offer.

How does working with ad:roit actually work?

We made a diagram to help explain this! Take a look at our services page to see our 7 step process, and feel free to send us an email if you still have questions.

Is it true that you don't charge a commission on furnishings? I thought all designers did that!

It's true! Most designers do charge a commission on each piece they order for a client, but we do NOT believe in this. We think this incentivizes the designer to make more expensive selections for the client, and we're just not   here for that. We pass on our trade discounts directly to you and only charge for the time we spend creating the space of your dreams.

What if I decide I want to add more to the scope?

Fabulous!  We will create a proposal for the additional scope, and upon approval we will get to work!

Can I shop on my own?

Short answer: it depends! If you have chosen the copper or silver packages, absolutely.  If you have chosen gold or platinum, that means you have hired ad:roit to design comprehensive vision for your space. Items you select on your own  may not be the best fit for the overall design, space, or budget. If you see something you love, send us a picture or link and we can figure it out together!

Do you work with contractors?

Yes! ad:roit does not provide building services so contractors can be essential to fully realize your project.

What about budget?

We can work within your budget, whether you are looking for an Ikea special, something completely custom, or anywhere in between. 

For any other questions, please feel free to contact us!