our services

ad:roit is happy to offer a wide variety of design services, including but not limited to:

furniture layout

The right furniture layout can make all the difference between a space that feels awkward or inefficient and one that feels wonderful. 


Using your existing furniture wherever possible, ad:roit 

can help you make the most of what you have and fill in what's missing to create beautiful, cohesive and functional spaces tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

personal shopping​

Often one of the biggest hurdles to creating beautiful cohesive spaces is sifting through all the available options to find exactly what you want. 


Let ad:roit do the research for you, and present you with a curated selection of options that meet your needs, aesthetic

and budget.

Personal Shopping.jpg
rental friendly design
Rental Friendly Design.jpg

Great and unique design should not be reserved only for those who own their property.


At ad:roit we are experts in non-permanent design solutions, like this custom washi tape wall mural, that make any space feel like one of kind, without losing your security deposit.

storage and organization solutions

Based in New York City, we know all too well the challenges of small and awkward spaces. 


We are experts in clever and unconventional solutions to maximize storage opportunities, increase efficiency, and enhance ease and quality of life.

Storage and Organization Solutions.jpg
interior finish upgrades
Interior Finish Upgrades.jpg

Sometimes all it takes to make a space feel new and fresh is a change of finishes. Paint, tile, wall coverings, flooring, lighting, fabrics and decorative accessories all contribute to a room's personality.

ad:roit can help you find the materials that meet your aesthetic, performance, and functional requirements, and guide their installation.

kitchen & bath upgrades

Two of the most complex rooms for owners to tackle on their own, ad:roit is happy to help you refresh outdated and inefficient kitchens and bathrooms. 


We can help you find energy efficient appliances and water saving fixtures while creating spaces that work as beautifully as they look.

Kitchen and Bath Upgrades - Bathroom Elevation
spatial reconfiguration

Sometimes a space just does not work.  Particularly with a new property, you may want to combine individual small rooms, subdivide large ones or change uses completely.  


ad:roit can help you figure out, design, and build exactly what you need to make your space truly your own.

As licensed architects, ad:roit can assist with any and all transformations to your space.