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Cool Modern Living Room Interior Design NYC



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This client was ready for a complete great room upgrade, replacing all of her living room, dining area, and home office furnishings. The goalwere lighter, brighter, more organized, and much more comfortable. She wanted to rehang all of her existing art, and add as needed to make the home feel as vibrant and joyful as she is. 

For good measure, we’ve also given the bedroom a facelift, with new drapery, bedding, rugs, lighting, and tons of storage.

ADROIT Cool Modern Blue Living Room Interior Design NYC


We begin every project with a set of principles that come from our client's own words:

  1. Every seat is the best seat in the house.

  2. Keep it cozy, calm & comfortable

  3. Optimize the organization

  4. Behold the breadth & beauty of blue

The key moves here are replacing the track heads with small globe lights augmented by table lamps, using a palette of variations of one main color in each room, paying equal attention to the floors and ceilings, and of course adding lots of storage.

photography & illustrations by AD:ROIT

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