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ADROIT Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design NYC



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After 10 years, these clients were finally getting to renovate their outdated and unappealing kitchen and bathroom for the sleek, modern, and dramatic spaces they’d been dreaming of.

Functionally, we needed to reconfigure the entry and linen closets to actually work, completely gut the kitchen and bathroom, and find a way to circulate air between the living room/home office and the second bedroom.

ADROIT Art Deco Kitchen Interior Design NYC


We begin every project with a set of principles that come from our client's own words:

  1. Be bold, get graphic & dare to be dramatic

  2. Think 1923 but make it 2023

  3. Specific & spectacular storage solutions

  4. Rubies, not diamonds, are this girl's best friend.

  5. Sexy, swanky, and obviously sparkly

The key moves here are: changing the approach to the kitchen to create a walk-in entry closet, flipping the orientation of the electrical panel to create the entry niche, adding the double arched pantries in the kitchen, and rotating the linen closet, while keeping every space to a tight palette of graphic black and white with ruby accents and art deco details.

photography & illustrations by AD:ROIT

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