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Cozy Kitchen Interior Design NYC



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In this East Village co-op, the clients wanted to renovate their small, dark, and outdated kitchen. In addition to updating the cabinets, appliances, and finishes, we dramatically increased both the storage capacity and usable worktop space.

Cozy Kitchen Interior Design NYC
Cozy Kitchen Interior Design NYC


We begin every project with a set of principles that come from our client's own words:

  1. Light and bright…

  2. …But also dark and sleek

  3. Not quite 50 shades of grey

  4. Make every inch count

The key moves here are: building out the wall under the breakfast bar for additional storage, adding toe kick storage drawers to all cabinets, replacing the outdated flip down countertop with a pull-out butcher block cutting board, and using a gradient color palette to make the space feel larger and brighter.

photography by  AD:ROIT

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