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Modern Organic Home Office Interior Design NYC



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This client was looking for a comprehensive update, from floor to ceiling, with a focus on natural materials and environmental sustainability.


Despite having a large and open studio, the client spent most of their time at their desk because it was the coziest corner of their home.  Our mission was clear - make more cozy corners! It was equally important that the space served the client to work, relax, dine, exercise, sleep, and practice the piano, while gracefully accommodating their cat.

ADROIT Organic Modern Bedroom Interior Design with Wall Hanging NYC


We begin every project with a set of principles that come from our client's own words:

  1. It IS easy being green!

  2. Capitalize cozy corners

  3. Modernize mid-century modern

  4. Tantalizing & touchable textures

  5. Bask in beautiful built-ins

ADROIT Organic Modern Bedroom and Window Seat Interior Design NYC

The key moves here are: adding two small wing walls to create a niche for the sofa, enlarge the home office, enclose the built-in entertainment center (which has a pull out shelf for the electric piano and a secret kitty litter cabinet!!), and create more privacy for the bedroom, replacing the outdated floors, doors, and moldings with plyboo, adding built-in ac/radiator covers (with window seats!), embracing sustainably sourced wood, stone, and natural fiber furnishings, maintaining flexibility with easily movable pieces, and accenting the neutral palette with shades of green and richly textured artwork

ADROIT Organic Modern Living Room Interior Design NYC

photography & illustrations by AD:ROIT

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