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Sage Studio 04 Interior Design NYC



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This client had been in her space with family heirloom pieces that just didn’t work for over a decade. She had a long list of requirements in a small & unusually configured space including : 

  • A larger desk near the window. L shape mandatory, but U shape preferred with lots of layout and storage space

  • Tons of storage, but in a way that wasn't overwhelming

  • To keep her grandmother's dresser, vanity, rocking chair, and bedside table

  • To replace her recliner and twin sleeper chair

  • To keep a tight color palette of warm neutrals with sage green and blush with gold accents

Sage Studio Interior Design NYC
Sage Studio Interior Design NYC


We begin every project with a set of principles that come from our client's own words:

  1. Allllllllll of the storage

  2. Light, bright, and cohesive

  3. Perfectly proportioned patterns

  4. Absolutely no cool colors!

The key moves here are: swapping the bedroom & office spaces, flanking the desk and dressing table with wardrobes for storage and spatial delineation, bridging the wardrobes flanking the windows with radiator covers to tie the spaces together and provide the preferred “U” shaped desk, installing wallpaper in all 3 niches for interest and cohesion, and adding dramatic curtains and/or rugs to define each specific space.

photography & illustrations by AD:ROIT

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